Why do we get sick when we go out and return home in summer

Why do we get sick when we go out and return home in summer?  Learn the causes and remedies.

The scorching heat is on.  The temperature is breaking records every day.  People are suffering from dehydration due to sun and heat.  Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.  We make many mistakes when we return home from the sun.  Which error can cause illness.  In today’s work news, Dr. Kumar Rahul, Associate Specialist of Manipal Tata Medical College, shows easy tips to avoid heat.
 Question: Why do people get sick in the heat?
 Ans: People can get sick not only in summer but in every season. Due to changing seasons man’s immunity fluctuates.  This allows germs and bacteria to enter the body easily.  Which makes you sick.  It is advised that seasonal changes should not be taken lightly.
 Question: What kind of diseases occur in summer season?
 Ans: Sun, moisture, dusty air and infection are the connection of heat.  Diseases like typhoid, food poisoning can occur with dehydration in this season.  The problem of skin related diseases like itchy fungal infections is also more prevalent in summer.  To avoid all this, one has to be very careful in eating and drinking.  For example, in order to avoid dehydration in summer, one should consume more liquid and cool effect diet.  Many people drink sugarcane juice with ice during the summer season can be dangerous to health.
 What should not be done after returning home from the sun?
 Avoid drinking cold water
 Many people come home from the sun and drink cold water immediately.  Drinking cold water after coming home from the sun causes a sudden change in body temperature which can lead to fever, chills and cough.  Let the body temperature equal to the room temperature after coming home from outside.  Then drink plain water instead of cold water.
 Do not take a shower after coming out
 If you have been walking or driving outside in the summer, do not come home and take a shower immediately.  Body temperature rises a lot after coming from outside.  Pouring water on the body at that time worsens the body temperature.  Colds, coughs and headaches are common.
 Do not do face wash
 Do not pour water on the face immediately after returning home from the sun.  This causes the blood vessels to spread on the face, which does not allow time to adapt to normal temperature.  After exposure, allow the skin to return to normal temperature for a while, then don’t forget to apply face wash and toner.
 Do not turn on the AC and cooler immediately after coming out of the sun
 Many people turn on the cooler and AC as soon as they come home from the sun.  This should not be done at all.  Our bodies take time to adapt to different temperatures.  If you turn on the AC or cooler keep the temperature low.  Also, do not expose the cooler and AC to the sun immediately.
 Pay special attention to this in summer
 Drink more water
 To avoid problems like diarrhea and acidity in summer season, one should drink maximum amount of water, lemon water, juice and coconut water.
 Avoid outside food
 Avoid eating any food fried outside and cooked in the open This season increases the risk of disease from contaminated food or water.
 Eat a liquid diet
 Drink plenty of fluids during the summer season.  Include more lemon water, lassi, mango shake, cat syrup.
 Don’t eat more than once
 It is best to start the day with sweet and juicy fruits in the summer season.  Watermelon, sugar cane or orange can be taken for breakfast in the morning.  Onions and cucumbers can be taken as a salad for lunch.  Which will eliminate digestive problems.  Body temperature will also be under control.
 Eat less salt
 Eating too much salt is always harmful.  Salt should be controlled during the summer season.  Eating moderate amounts of salt helps control blood pressure.
 Question: What to do if you feel dizzy in summer?
 Ans: If you feel tired or dizzy due to exposure to sun, drink water or lemon juice immediately.  Dizziness should be avoided by the sun.  Relax in the shade.  Rest for half an hour when the sun is high.  This will give your body time to recover
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